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The Dream Team

Meet the team that helped make this happen

Nevaèh Calliste

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Nevaèh Calliste is currently a Boston University student. Nevaeh plans to pursue a career in international law and continue to advocate for change. She is known to be a bit fast-paced and goes head-on with things she knows she wants. She goes into each idea with an optimistic mindset, even when she may face challenges. She built this organization to reach her community and beyond. She made her aspirations into a reality and is hoping to help all those that want it and need it.


Ally Anderson

Associate Director

Ally Anderson is a student at Louisiana State University. Ally is studying political science and plans to pursue a career in law. She is known to be a devoted, candid, and creative person. She puts her all into every detail and has been the biggest advocate for social change. She hopes with the organization, people can feel at home and get the help they deserve. She wants to bring awareness to trauma responses victims may display. Along with giving them a supportive community to confide in.

Board Vice President

Nikita is an alumna of Georgia Tech, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Business and IT. She currently holds a career in strategy consulting. Nikita is originally from North Carolina and now lives in New York City. She is very passionate about this organization and cause due to the prevalence and issue of sexual violence in this country, especially amongst teens and college women. Nikita is very much looking forward to spreading awareness and education on sexual violence in the US, and especially with this incredible team!


Nikita Samant

Jacquay Spradley

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Board Treasurer

Jacquay Spradley is a UMass Amherst graduate with a bachelors in marketing. Jacquay has been involved before this organization was fully thought about. He's known to be a dependable person who understands he can help bring a sense of safety and support to everyone. He believes in building an everlasting community for all is important, especially for those that suffered from sexual violence. With the organization, he wants to extend education and resources to all.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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