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A Letter To You...

Dear Warriors, 

I want to tell you the story of how Survivors Awareness came to be and what we do. In the summer of 2020, I started the official journey to making this organization and it hasn't been easy. With my history with sexual harassment it was a very sensitive topic. For four years I was silent until I realized silence wasn't helping me or anyone else.


So I wanted to do something big, something that would help the masses. I was only 16 when I had that idea. Ever since then my idea has grown into this beautiful creation. Our mission is to help people learn, heal, and find inner peace on their own accord. We do that with our free programs crafted for your needs, interactive events and constant reassurance. Everyone has something they want to work on, or learn. So use our resources to your advantage. You have control over what you want and we're just here to cheer you on.​

Sincerely yours,


We suggest you watch the video to further understand our mission. If you'd like to watch the full clip visit

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