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Our Work

This is our Project Page. It's an excellent opportunity to help everyone understand the context and background of our latest work.


Food Mindfulness

This was our first event, and it was to help people connect better to food. This event was childhood memories! So, we bought many childhood foods to trigger emotions of nostalgia. Our mission was to bring people closer to food but also find the joys and healing benefits of it as well.



This is our second event! We brought nature to the urban community of Boston University. We wanted to help students find something beautiful in creating something on their own. Creating specifically a bouquet can be so peaceful and centering. Which is why we wanted to do this event to bring an activity that can center a person in hopes to spark a creative mindset


Healing Hearts

This is our third event! We brought our creative minds together to create beautiful buttons and cards. We wanted people to walk away with not just a physical prize but the ability to be free emotionally and mentally. All participants were winners at our event.

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