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Our Story

Who: Founded in 2020 Survivors Awareness is a Boston-based nonprofit that is helping sexual violence survivors with their mental health through creative therapy.

What we do: We provide virtual and In-Person social and creative programming for all survivors in the Boston area (so far).

Why: There are crisis helplines, pro-bono legal help, and other resources that focus on the immediate events of sexual violence. However, there are few resources for creative unconventional care afterward. That's where we come in! We are not psychotherapist and we are not healthcare physicians (some of us) but every year we try our best to make and execute low-stress, engaging, and creative events for those who need it. So we hope you can join us in this journey.

The process:

Step 1: Look at our current events and decide which one fits your needs (Do you want a small intimate event, a large event, an event with food, arts and crafts, etc.)

Step 2: Reserve the event and put it on your calendar

Step 3: Attend the event and try your best to engage

Step 4: Leave the event with a new knowledge or a physical item of your time with us (paintings, plants, crafts, etc.)

Step 5: Repeat (if you want)

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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